Found in every cell and tissue in the human body, peptides are small chains of amino acids that serve as building blocks of collagen and elastin. They act as signaling molecules, instructing other cells to perform specific functions and how to metabolize.

While there are lots of peptides in the body, it loses 1% of its existing collagen every year (after the age of 30) and the skin’s natural communication channels also decelerate over time. Peptides are added to skincare, signaling the body to boost collagen or release chemicals with anti-aging effects.

Peptides in skincare can:

There are different types of peptides and each one performs a specific function. They can easily penetrate the outer layer of the skin, sinking in more deeply and signaling the cells to produce essential skin proteins (collagen and elastin). They are added to creams, serums, cleansers, and moisturizers to promote anti-aging benefits.